LEGEND Flooring

Meet Legend, the ode to the avant-garde floorings... This collection represents the finest wood flooring colours worldwide. Colours that will always be suitable for every market and project, developing a product for residential and commercial use. Avant-garde means “pressing the boundaries of the ordinary”. With this collection we want to create something different, more creative with unique high quality. LEGEND SPC, solid, persistent, inalterable, legendary.

High impact resistance

The SPC composition provide a significant rigity and great resistance to impact and denting.

Comfort and sound isulation

The vinly wear layer provides cushion and absorbs impact sound to make it quite floor.

High stability core

Its dense core avoids deformations in exdpansion phase (23 oC a 45 oC) and shrinkage (23 oC a 5 oC).

Ecofriendly materials

The different raw materials in its composition are free of formaldehyde.

Faster installation

Thanks to its behaviour in temperature changes, previous acclimation to installation is not necessary.

Ready for heavy use

Material indicated to floors with a constant use (public and resedential areas). Wear layer: 33/42.

Suitable on heating systems

It can be installed on water heating system (max. 32 oC).

Unilin click system for professionals

Glueless locking technology for flooring works perfectly for both the long and short sides of the flooring panel making a fast installation.

Walking comfort

Pleasurable to walk on thanks to the EVA backing avoiding squeaking and to level minor unevenness.

Ideal for children and pet friendly

The floor does not emit any kind of toxic substances.

Product Characteristics

Its core is composed by raw mineral materials that make the product of high quality, beauty, environmental conscious and high performance.
Thanks to the components used, Legend does not emit any type of toxicity.
The structure allows us to say that Legend is one of the most stable flooring products in the flooring market, having a great relationship between exceeding industry standards, design, results and great logistic data.

Types of panels

6,5 mm thickness.
5 mm of pure SPC + 1,5 mm EVA
This will help you not only with the installation that becomes so easy thanks to the backing but with the rigidity and the strength of the SPC, installing a long-term results flooring.
5 mm of pure SPC provides huge differences in long term results. Furthermore, we added 1,5mm EVA + 0.55 mm WEAR LAYER to make the product even more outstanding.
Its structure allows us to present LEGEND as one of the most stables flooring on the market, with easy and fast installation, not only because of the structure but the click system.
LEGEND is the guarantee of impressive results and great designs all combined together, to have the best flooring and the latest trends on the market.




810 CASTLE Oak

811 SUTTON Oak

812 OXFORD Oak


814 CAIRO Oak


  1. UV Coating extra-dur
  2. High resistance PU protective layer
  3. PVC decorative layer
  4. SPC Board
  5. EVA backing

Commercial use warrantly 10 years

Domestic use warrantly 20 years

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